Type D Hydrapulper


This type D hydrapulper is mainly used to break wet broke, and it can break wet waste paper continuously with low power consumption.
A special power-saving rotor is equipped to strengthen the performance of water circulation and fiber easing. The rotor is deviated from the tank center. The D shape of the tank enables pulp and rotor to contact faster and more frequently, so the productivity of this hydrapulper can be increased if enhancing the dynamic power and volume. The rotor and pulp discharging disc is higher than the surface of hydrapulper tank so that a low-pressure flow area can form around rotor to gather heavy impurities. In that way, the work life of rotor and screen plate can be extended.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type Nominal Volume (m3) Processing consistency (%) Productivity (t/d) Motor power (kw) Overall size (L×W×H) (mm)
ZDSD25 15 3-5 80-120 160 5080×4940×4200
ZDSD26 20 140-180 185 5330×4130×4390
ZDSD27 25 180-230 220 5330×4400×4880
ZDSD28 30 230-280 280 6500×5100×4760
ZDSD29 35 270-320 315 5270×5290×5450
ZDSD30 40 300-370 355 5150×5600×5550
ZDSD31 45 350-400 400 6300×5830×6000
ZDSD32 50 400-450 450 6400×6050×6200
ZDSD33 60 480-550 560 7200×6250×6500
ZDSD34 70 550-630 630 7300×6700×6800
ZDSD35 80 600-700 710 8500×7000×6800
ZDSD37 100 800-900 900 10000×7650×7200
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