Pulverizer Equipments


Here in Huayi, we manufacture and supply four different types of pulverizer equipment for customers across the world:
1. Vertical pulverizer: this pulverizing machine is designed on the production process features of compound fertilizer and mixed fertilizer. And it is characterized in compact structure, good operation stability, producing less adhesive materials, easy cleaning and so on.
2. Horizontal pulverizer: the inner liner of this grinding machine is made of stainless steel, which helps to reduce the impact on the chassis, thereby decreasing basic manufacture costs.
3. Cage pulverizer: this pulverizer equipment is developed on the basis of impacting and crushing principles. And it features compact structure, high grinding efficiency, good sealing performance, easy maintenance.
4. High moisture material pulverizer: this grinding equipment has a horizontal single-spindle and multi-blade structure, and there is a guiding device inside it. Materials go in and out this equipment in axial-flow way.
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