PLC Control System

Working Principle Diagram:

Accepted pulp to entrance of discharge dump
Our low consistency continuous breaking system for pulp and paper industry is made up of ragger, grapple, hydrapurge II, drum screen, cutting machine, D-type hydrapulper, PLC control system and screw extrusion machine.
There is a heavy slag hole at the tank bottom of the hydrapulper and via that hole, coarse and big impurities in waste paper enter the trash well, where a grapple regularly removes impurities. The winding impurities in waste paper can be made into rope-shape under the influence of rotating pulp flow and then pulled out by a ragger. Water, paper scraps and some light and heavy impurities in trash well are periodically sent to hydrapurge II for fiber easing. However, the accepted pulp converges via screening plate with the accepted pulp from pulper before being sent to the following process. Coarse and big impurities like plastics are sent to drum screen to be concentrated discharging out.
The timely discharging of large lightweight and heavy impurities helps to prevent those impurities from being broken during the continuous breaking process. In that way, it helps to reduce the working burden of the subsequent machines as well as to improve the processing capacity of this L.C. continuous breaking system.

Typical Operation

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