• Up-flow pressure Fine screen
  • Up-flow pressure Fine screenThis up-flow pressure fine screen is mainly utilized in the fine screening of wastepaper pulp. The impurity rate ...
  • Out flow pressure Fine screen
  • Out flow pressure Fine screenThis out-flow pressure fine screen is specially used in the fine sieving of wastepaper pulp and unbleached paper ...
  • Inflow pressure Fine screen
  • Inflow pressure Fine screenThis inflow pressure fine screen is specially utilized to remove small impurities like stickies, ink particles, ...
  • Fiber net Screen
  • Fiber net ScreenThis fiber net screen is specially utilized in processing and recycling tailing residues from fine screening ...

Fine Screening System Equipments


The wastepaper pulping process is an impurity removing process, and it is unavoidable to further break impurities. So how to get high-quality pulp without further breaking impurities is an object of all paper making manufacturers worldwide.
The cleaning screening system configuration is very important to wastepaper pulping process. Generally speaking, the cleaning screening system mainly includes high, medium and low consistency screening system, coarse screening system, fiber fractionating screen, fine screening equipment, and coarse sieving machine. Traditional screening system always has vibrating flat screen as its terminal sieving machine, producing pulp rejects with high content fiber in low consistency. In that way, the fiber loss is quite big. However, to solve this problem, Shandong Huayi Heavy Industry Company developed its own screening system, combining advanced technology abroad with features of domestic papermaking materials and products: upflow screening principle is utilized to increase the sieving quality; manure tailing pulp and rejects processing equipment is applied to avoid further breaking of impurities and fiber loss so as to get higher pulping productivity.

Huayi manufactures and supplies four kinds of fine screening system equipment for customers worldwide: 1.Up-flow pressure fine screen:

this screening equipment features humanized reasonable structure, good operation stability and easy operation. Its screening technology is advanced around the world. It provides customers with better economic benefits.

2.Out-flow pressure fine screen:

its energy-saving thin wing rotor is accompanied by appropriate casing and drum screen, thus having high adaptability to different pulps. This screening equipment features gentle screening, high productivity of good pulp, high screening efficiency and low power consumption.

3.Inflow pressure fine screen:

heavy impurities and fiber can be quickly separated from each other by centrifugal force, causing small abrasion to the drum screen.

4.Fiber net screen:

enclosed rotor is used to reduce pulp hanging and to ease fiber bundles.

Working Principle Diagram:

Process Chart of Fine Screening System