Dispersing System


This dispersing system is mainly used to disperse hot-melt impurities in waste paper pulp, like stickies, grease, paraffin, plastics, rubber, ink particles, so that the paper quality and performance can be improved.
Here in Huayi, we manufacture and supply six kinds of dispersing system machines as follows:

1. Sealing screw conveyor:

five kinds: ZPL2-3823, ZPL3-4528, ZPL4-5033, ZPL5-5538.

2. Fluffer:

ZPS2 seriesФ400 and ZPS3 seriesФ500。

3. Heater: seven kinds:

ZPR70, ZPR80, ZPR90, ZPR100, ZPR120, ZPR130, ZPR140.

4. Disc heat-disperser:

this disc dispersing equipment is utilized in processing hot melt impurities in wastepaper OCC/ONP/OMG/MOW, such as stickies, grease, paraffin, plastics, rubber, ink particles.

5. Kneader:

its optimized rotor and stator make sure that the pulp freeness is not decreased when the pulp is strongly kneaded to effectively disperse impurities, as well as that the swelling degree and interlaminar bond strength of pulp are enhanced.

6. Heating screw conveyor:

its optimized screw blades are conductive to the smooth convey of high-consistency pulp and also those blades keep the pulp in good loose so that the pulp can be uniformly heated.

Work Principle Diagram:

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