• Float Purger
  • Float PurgerThis float purger is distinctively utilized in removing lightweight residue and tailing pulp in the coarse ...
  • Reject Separator
  • Reject SeparatorThis reject separator is specially used to handle the tailing rejects of coarse screening system in wastepaper ...
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Vibrating ScreenThis vibrating screen is distinctively used to remove impurities in paper pulp suspension. ...

Coarse Screening System Equipments


Based on the advanced technology abroad and considering the features of paper making materials and products in China, Shandong Huayi Heavy Industry Company developed its own coarse screening system equipment: using the up-flow screening principle to improve screening quality and using mature processing equipment of tail pulp and dregs to protect impurities from further breaking and to avoid fiber loss, thereby obtaining more qualified pulp.
The process of wastepaper pulping is a process of removing various impurities. In the pulping process, the further breaking of impurities can not be avoided. So it’s very important to reduce the further breaking of impurities while obtaining high-quality pulp. Therefore, the configuration of cleaning screening system is very important in wastepaper pulping process. Normally speaking, a cleaning screening system is made up of low consistency screening system, coarse screening system equipment, fiber fractionating screen and fine sieving system. The traditional screening system usually has a vibrating frame flat screen as its terminal screen, but in that case, the fiber content in the pulp residue is high, but in low consistency, thereby causing big fiber loss.

Here in Huayi, we provide four types of different coarse screening system equipment:

1.Up-flow pressure screen (coarse screen):

its up-flow screening way shortens the stop time of lightweight impurities in screening area.

2.Float purger:

this purger is designed with an inverted cone casing shape, so its top roof is concave. The concave roof produces powerful vortex to form a low pressure area at the center of casing top, in which way light impurities can be removed effectively.

3.Reject separator:

its high-speed rotating blades can effectively break paper pieces.

4.Vibrating screen:

this screening machine is made of special rubber material, and its screening bucket features good operation stability and low noise.

Working Principle Diagram:

Process Chart of Coarse Screening System