Cleaning Screening Equipments


Huayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cleaning screening equipment in China. We provide customers across the world with the following cleaning screening machines:
1. H.C-cleaner: the optimized pulp-feeding chamber and dual-corn structure of this high consistency cleaner provide stronger vortex capacity and an obvious low-pressure area to contribute to the complete separation of good pulp and impurities. 2. Coarse screening system equipment: this machine is mainly used to remove coarse and big impurities in wastepaper pulping process.
3. Fine screening system equipment: its high-speed rotating blades can effectively break paper pieces.
4. Equipment of approach system: this sizing system equipment features high productivity and low power consumption. 5. Fiber fractionating screen: the reasonable casing allocation design of this fractionating screen fluidizes the screening area to get uniform pulse. And its processing consistency is high and the fiber fractionating effect is obvious.
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