Sieve Equipments


As a professional sieve equipment manufacturer and supplier in China for about 30 years, Shandong Huayi Company can provide four different sieves for customers across the world:
1. Rotary grading sieve: The amount of meshes of sieve meshwork from the feeding side to discharging side of this sieving equipment is different in order to make grading sieve possible to process compound and mixed fertilizers. And this sieve features high productivity and high sieving efficiency.
2. Vibrating grading sieve: this sieve equipment is a professional strainer for compound fertilizer industry, and its sieve body can be divided into single-layer and double-layer. This sieve is made of high-quality manganese steel or stainless steel, and its mesh diameter is adjustable. Moreover, it has simple structure, easy operation and good rigidity.
3. Vibrating sieve: the vibration motor of this sieve equipment directly drive sieve meshwork to vibrate via the connection rod. And it features lower power, high productivity, high sieving efficiency, easy maintenance and more.
4. Linear vibrating screen: the screen case of this linear vibrating screen is driven to repeatedly vibrate up and down, back and forth by eccentric block via flexible coupling. And this linear vibrating screen is divided into single layer and double layer, and features high screening efficiency and easy maintenance.
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