Heating Screw Conveyor


This heating screw conveyor is widely used to convey different concentrated pulps like wood pulp to high-consistency mixing equipment. Meanwhile, it can heat pulps and process those pulp by adding bleaching solution.

Structure Features:

1. The optimized screw blades of this heating screw conveyor are good for the smooth conveying of high-consistency pulp in good loose status, which contributes to the uniform heating of pulp in the following process.
2. Reasonable arranged heating device and specially-designed reverse-thrust blades are good for uniform heating of pulp and lowering steam consumption.
3. Due to its frequency conversion control, this heating screw conveyor is easy to be adjusted to match other equipment.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type ZLS1
Screw diameter (mm) Ф500
Processing consistency (%) 32-35
Productivity (t/d) 30-70
Motor power (kw) 7.5
Overall dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 8070×1210×4600
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