• Inflow Pre-net Screen
  • Inflow Pre-net ScreenThis inflow pre-net screen is mainly utilized in the screening of low consistency pulp before the pulp enters ...
  • Deaerator of Approach System
  • Deaerator of Approach SystemThe ZDE series deaerator of approach system is the key equipment of modern paper machine approach flow system. And ...

Equipments of Approach System


As as a professional manufacturer and supplier of equipment of approach system used in pulp and paper industry, Huayi provides two different kinds of cost effective sizing machines for customers worldwide.

1.Inflow pre-net screen:

this screening machine features high productivity and lower energy consumption.

2.Deaerator of approach system:

via injecting, falling film, impacting surface fluids, vacuum, residence time and other physical effects, this deaerator can degas pulp. It can keep the concentration of pulp inside headbox stable and stablize pulp flow rate and pressure. The small ration change of paper helps to improve paper quality. Meanwhile, it can also optimize the dehydration of net section of paper machine to increase the productivity.