Granule-Method (Steam) Compound Fertilizer Process

Granule-Method (Steam) Compound Fertilizer Process
Huayi is a professional supplier and designer of granule-method (steam) compound fertilizer process in China.
After metered, powdery inorganic materials like N, P, K, fillers (mostly bonding agents) are sent to the mixing process and fully mixed materials are then sent to granulator.
The granulated materials contain high moisture, unable to meet packing and shipping requirements at all. So they have to be sent to rotary dryer for further drying.
The temperature of dried materials is very high, so they have to be sent to rotary cooler for cooling, thus improving granule intensity and reducing moisture. Then dried materials are processed by coarse sieve and fine sieve to separate big granules from fine powder so as to get better final products. Big granules are sent to grinding machine to be crushed again before second granulation together with fine powder.
Heat and melt anti-caking agents mixed in certain proportion. The metering pump can increase the pressure quantitatively and then spray head sprays those molten anti-caking agents onto the surface of fertilizer granules to form into a thin film to prevent the fertilizer granules from outside air, which prevents fertilizer from caking phenomenon.

The coated granular materials are sent to automatic packing scale for packaging before storage.