Ammonification Compound Fertilizer Process

Ammonification Compound Fertilizer Process

Different raw materials and system back-materials are sent to rotary drum amination granulator. After metered, sulphuric acid from sulphuric acid pump and liquid ammonia from ammonia vessel are sent to tubular reactor. Low-pressure steam in the front of tubular reactor vaporizes liquid ammonia into washing liquid of recycling system. Meanwhile, the washing liquid from the washing liquid circulating pump is added into the tubular reactor. Then ammonia, sulphuric acid and washing liquid react with each other inside the reactor. The generated high-temperature and low-moisture reactant is uniformly sprayed by reactor nozzles onto the granulation bed of granulator. Inside the granulator, the wet and dry materials are agglomerated into granules under the rotation function of granulator.

If there is any other liquid materials like urine sprayed into the reactor, the amount of sulphuric acid and ammonia can be decreased properly. The reactor exhaust contains a little of dust and ammonia, and has to be sprayed and washed for purification. The purified exhaust is sent by granulation exhaust fan to exhaust drying funnel so as to be emptied. The circulation washing liquid in a certain consistency is added by a pump into tubular reactor where the washing liquid react with metered sulphuric acid and gas ammonia to generate high-temperature ammonium sulphate liquid. Then the high-temperature ammonium sulphate liquid is sprayed onto the rolling granulation bed of granulator.

The annual output of this ammonification compound fertilizer process is 20,000 to 300,000 t/y.


The sulphuric acid-ammonia tubular reactor process has been successfully used in large urine spraying granulation equipment, large urea-based granulation machine(solid urea), urea-calcium superphosphate and urea-triple superphosphate granulation equipment in compound fertilizer industry.

The sulphuric acid -ammonia tubular reactor process has advantages as follows: improving product quality, stabilizing granulation operation, running reliably and stably, lowering consumption, increasing productivity, and reducing raw materials costs.

Working Principle Diagram:

30,000 to 500,000 t/y Ammonification Equipment (part before granulation process)

Technical Description:
1. The sulphuric acid-ammonia tubular reactor technology comes from the production practice of rotary drum ammonification granulation equipment of TVA, and cross-tube reactor technology. And this tubular reactor technology has obtained some production experience and research achievements.
2. The sulphuric acid-ammonia tubular reactor is developed on the base of sulphuric acid-ammonia double-spray-tube technology of TVA. The relatively independent sulphuric acid-ammonia spray tube buried in granulation bed is changed into tubular reactor, and the double tubes buried in the bed is changed into suspension bed tubular reactor. Those improvements make the sulphuric acid-ammonia tubular reactor own more flexibility and better operation reliability than the original TVA double-tube, which in turn improves effectively the product quality of the tubular reactor and reduces product costs.